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Booster Club Membership

Membership is your key to success! A conduit for accessing newfound resources, support and training. Regardless of whether your just starting out, struggling to expand your current member base or simply looking for ways to improve upon the success you have already built, the WSBCA is the answer. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of Guidance, Education, Training and operational Support possible, helping booster clubs at all levels to expand and grow.

Membership dues are $295 first full year and cover all members and school/coach/program directors affiliated with your booster club. To apply for membership complete the membership form below. To review the WSBCA membership benefits Click here.

WSBCA Member Benefits

Initial Dues: $295 - first full year

Renewal Dues: $150 - remain fixed, no increases.

*Renewal dues are fixed at the renewal rate when a member club joins

Membership has its benefits –

YEARLY District, State and Federal Compliance Review-Audit – Membership includes a yearly compliance review-audit to make sure your booster club is compliant with district, state and federal regulations and filings.

UNLIMITED Hands on Support – from a trained Club Advisor; for all Officers, Directors & Administrators who oversee your booster club.

NO ADDITIONAL FEES Paid – Membership includes guidance and help with filing 990’s, registering to become non-profit with State Secretary, Securing EIN, Filing to become 501c3, Setting up Bylaws, Booster Club Policies and Procedures, Membership Structure, Audit Committess and Insurance to name a few.

BOOSTER BASICS Training & Workshops – for all officers, directors & administrators who oversee the booster club.

Club Building RESOURCES & TOOLS – Yes – Unlimited! Club Advisors provide booster club documents, forms and resources to help meet your booster clubs day-to-day operational and ongoing needs.


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If you have spoken to one of the WSBCA representatives, please take a moment to indicate which representative. Taking the time to do so will make it easier for us to provide you with the proper assistance in the future.

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