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A: The Washington State Booster Club Association (“WSBCA”) is a state based association that provides guidance, education, training and operational support to booster clubs and their program administrators. The association bridges the gap between good intentions and real-world results. We are the resource that fills the void left by continuous leadership turnover, lack of organizational knowledge and increasing financial deficits. We help to build strong, productive organizations that foster positive relationships between booster club leaders and their coaches, program administrators, and school officials throughout Washington State. The WSBCA is a statewide voice representing booster clubs and their interests. We are a full-time association, with full-time staff who are focused on the growth and support of the booster club industry. This includes spearheading educational initiatives, booster club re-imaging campaigns and relationship building with state, business and communities leaders.

A: It’s all about Teamwork. Just like any winning extracurricular program (sports, music or arts) it takes a seasoned staff of expert coaches (leaders) to build success, and your booster club is no exception. The WSBCA is the leader in providing booster club guidance, education, training and operational support – we are seasoned experts in the field of coaching booster clubs! It doesn’t matter whether your booster club supports a school or a non-school affiliated program, we support all booster clubs – school, non-school and league based. Our focus is your booster club, and we will help you become more successful. From increasing your volunteer base to increasing your fundraising success, it doesn’t matter at what level your booster club is currently performing, the bottom line – we will help you become more successful. In addition to helping enhance your performance in building stronger more active volunteer bases and improving upon your fundraising success, the WSBCA also provides our members with hands on guidance and resources covering all facets of the day-to-day operations of a booster club, these include: organizational structure and compliance, booster club best practices, leadership roles and responsibilities, accounting practices, understanding insurance needs, designing club forms and documents and building stronger relationships with coaches and school administrators. To read more about benefits Click Here

A: No! The WSBCA’s online website is only the starting point from which the WSBCA provides many services. As we shared above The WSBCA is a full service association and provides a wealth of resources and support.

A: Membership dues are paid every 12 months. It doesn’t matter whether you join mid-way through the year, you receive one full year of benefits starting the date you become an active member.

A: No. As long as your membership does not lapse or terminate you will see a reduction in your dues starting with the second year. Your dues will decrease by 50% year two.

A: Yes. Every booster club pays a membership fee unless they are grouped under one main or executive booster club.

A: All booster clubs regardless of their status (i.e. start-up, 501c3, etc.) face similar issues at one time or another. From increasing parent involvement to finding the correct fundraising program that matches your groups needs and abilities, the WSBCA is a full service association that provides hands on guidance and an ever growing portfolio of products and services.

A: You have multiple resources available. First, we want you to know that the staff at the WSBCA are ready, willing and able to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Second, you are joining a statewide family of booster club parents, volunteers and directors who also want to share their support and suggestions. Third, you will find that the WSBCA Advisor assigned to personally support your group is a very valuable asset for helping provide answers and solutions.

A: The WSBCA has established a Business Code of Ethical Practices that all vendors we approve agree to abide by. If you experience a problem with any approved WSBCA vendor simply contact your WSBCA Advisor or the WSBCA directly and we will assist your booster club in resolving the challenge. Unfortunately if the vendor is not WSBCA approved we can’t help, so we always advise our members to only use WSBCA approved vendors to help minimize any challenges.

A: The WSBCA provides an abundance of fundraising resources exclusively dedicated to the topic of fundraising. The association has also created the Fundraising Analysis Program (FAP) that will provide a non-biased fundraising plan of action that matches your groups needs, demographics and abilities. To find out more Click Here.

A: Yes. The WSBCA conducts regionally held Booster U Workshops, which are are regionally held, each lasting about 2 1/2 hours and providing an abundance of knowledge, resources and information on most of the important topics pertaining to running and building a booster club. We also provide hands on support from WSBCA Advisors.

A: Yes. The WSBCA provides many different opportunities to assist a start-up club. You can submit any questions or concerns to the highly qualified staff at the WSBCA who are eager to help get you on track and moving in the right direction. In addition, as a member of the WSBCA you receive hands on guidance and support from a qualified WSBCA Advisor as well as the ability to attend our Booster U training workshops where you will get the chance to interact with other parents and volunteers in other clubs around your area.

A: Yes – and – No. We are a non-profit association dedicated to supporting “all booster clubs” regardless of whether or not they are members of the WSBCA. Membership in the WSBCA does however provide you access and use of various features that are not available to non-member clubs, which also includes specially negotiated discounts and benefits from vendors and hands on training from a qualified WSBCA Advisor, but you will find the WSBCA provides an overwhelming amount of resources regardless of whether your club chooses to become a member or not.

A: We can’t change the past but we can help your club start from this day forward to develop a positive growth oriented relationship with your coaches, administration and activities director. This is vital to building a successful club.

A: Yes. Getting parents involved is a process of (1) helping them to understand how important your booster club is in insuring the programs and activities you serve, and (2) helping them see themselves as playing a positive role in helping provide those continued activities for their son’s and daughter’s. The WSBCA can help you achieve these important issues and help increase your membership and parent involvement at the same time.

A: Yes. Many booster clubs experience the same troubling problem. Getting parents to attend your meetings will require a combination of tasks. The most important one is opening up a good line of communication. Many parents don’t come because they aren’t told about the meetings or they don’t feel welcomed. Educating your parents as to the value of your booster club as well as to what the booster club stands for is the starting point to increasing your meeting attendance.

A: Yes. Members pay a very nominal fee to help offset the expenses associated with all of the training supplies and manuals provided to each attendee. Seating is prioritized to WSBCA members, but when seating is available, non members are charged $30 to $60 per attendee to attend.

A: The WSBCA Booster U” workshops are 2 hours in length and designed by industry and booster club leaders – for booster clubs! “Booster U” workshops are designed to provide the leadership guidance, educational training and club building resources necessary to help booster clubs expand and grow. Workshop topics include: Booster Basics, Fundraising trends and strategies, Membership & club expansion, Organizational structure and compliance, Building & Increasing volunteer and parent support, Club policies & guidelines, Booster Legalese; Booster Compliance and Structure, Club officer duties & responsibilities and much, much more. Note: Not all topics included in every workshop.

A: You can check out the Booster U workshop schedule by Clicking Here.

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