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Register today to reserve your attendance at a Booster Basics and Best Practice Compliance Workshop with your school, school district or located in a community near you. You will be sent an email confirmation along with follow up notices for completing your registration prior to the workshop.

Community Based Workshop:
WSBCA Member Club/Official – $30, Non WSBCA Member Club/Official – $45

All community based workshops last 2.5 hours and start at 6pm unless otherwise noted.  Workshop Attendance Fee (paid prior to workshop).

School and District Sponsored Workshop:
Attendance fee is based on the district agreement.  Workshop start times, based on district agreement.

Don’t See Your School, District or Community Listed on the Schedule

Fill out the workshop registration form below and let us know what school district your group is affiliated and/or what community you live in. We will do our best to get the word out to your school and school district and schedule either a district sponsored or a community based workshop depending on their level of interest.

School and School District Administrators who complete the registration form below will be emailed a pdf informational packet on sponsoring a Booster Basics and Best Practice Compliance workshop and will be contacted by an association representative.

Workshops sponsored by Schools and School Districts are given schedule priority. Based on schedule openings community workshops are regionally located throughout the state and offered twice annually during the traditional school year to provide ease in attendance.

Community based workshop schedules are posted on March 1 and September 1 of each year.

All community based workshops start at 6pm unless otherwise noted

Does your Booster Club/Group support a School or Non-School based program?
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Is your Booster Club/Group members of the WSBCA?
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