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Evaluation Rating Scale:
5 being the best and 1 being the worst


  1. I learned a great deal from this workshop. Average response: 4.51
  2. The session topics were very informative and helpful. Average response: 4.48
  3. I would like to attend the next workshop in my area. Average Response: 4.51 

Specific comments worth noting:

 • As an athletic administrator, the effectiveness and helpful nature of this workshop is second only to 
   the AD’s workshop.
 • Thank you for doing this at a reasonable cost. Excellent. 
 • Great job! We will be back! 
 • Great event – let’s do it again. 
 • Great workshop. I am glad you offered it. I received a lot of information. Need to do at least two a year.
 • This has been a very good use of my time. I’m so glad I attended. 
 • This was a great workshop. Thank you for getting it on the schedule. 
 • We need more of these sessions/workshops. 
 • Would recommend holding this workshop at least once a year. 
 • Need to continue offering this program in the future.
 • Should be done at least twice a year.
 • Outstanding workshop; very valuable information. Good idea. Keep it up!! Wish my AD had attended.
 • Extremely informative, good organization of topics. 
 • Learned a lot of useful information and good tips. 
 • Was under the impression it was only for sports but many booster clubs can benefit from this program.
 • Presenter extremely knowledgeable with a lot of great suggestions.

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